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Butterfield Elementary


Hi guys! Welcome to distance learning, this is new and very odd! I miss my kids and hope they are all doing well. Please hit subscribe under my picture to get updates about new website postings. 
I would like to host a zoom meeting weekly for any students who want to meet and chat for a few minutes. More info on that will come soon! 
Office hours are 9-11 am and 2-3 pm. You can reach me through text on school status or by email
Click the link below to see a message from Ms. Trammell 
Above is a video of Ms. Trammell Reading the Frist Chapter of Junie B. Loves Handsome Warren my fav Junie B book! 
Chapter 2 Video above!
Chapter 3 Link Above! 
Click the link above to listen to Chapter 4! 
Chapter 5 link above! 
Chapter 6 link above
Chapter 7 above!