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School Status:



I will be available for immediate assistance from 9am to 11am and 2pm to 3pm.


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Covid 19 School Shut Down
 Here is a Covid-19 time capsule activity book that students might enjoy doing.  It will be a great way to capture the events of history that are currently unfolding for us.
Creed with Dogman
If you are a fan of Captain Underpants or Dogman, you are in luck!  Starting April 1st, the Library of Congress will be releasing videos and free downloadable activities on their website.  Also starting this week, Dav, himself, will be releasing weekly videos with drawing demonstrations and read alouds.  Wouldn't it be great to hear him do the voices of his characters?  Join him on the following website at 8 am on Fridays.   

Thank you, Parents!

I just want to say THANK YOU for how wonderful everyone has been today!  I know this is not an easy transition.  I have been amazed with the friendly questions and kind comments that I have received.  I know this can be overwhelming.  Thank you for being patient and working through any difficulties that you might have had.  IT WAS A GREAT FIRST DAY!    

Welcome Back to Learning!

Hello Everybody!!
To my awesome 4th graders (and your parents), I know you are smart and very knowledgeable about using online tools.  This new way of learning is going to be an adjustment for all of us, but I have no doubt that you will all do a terrific job with this new way of doing things for a little while.  Ms. Trammell, Mrs. Borchert, Mr. Markezinis and I have all been working together to bring you activities that will be fun, interesting, and keep you on track with what you need to know. 
To answer a question that many people have asked me, YES, we DO have to have grades for your work.  I will be checking in with you to see if you need any help or if you are having any trouble.
Lesson Plans:
I have organized your work by subject for the week.  You can find all of your assignments and the links to the websites in one place on the ONLINE LEARNING LESSON PLAN tab.  There is also an optional SUGGESTED DAILY LESSON PLAN and a WEEKLY CHECK OFF SHEET at the bottom of the lesson plan to help keep you organized and make it easier to figure out what to do each day. 
Lessons are set up to start on Monday, March 23rd.  Some activities will not let you log in until that assignment date starts.  
Video Chat Coming Soon:
After we get this first week under way, I will be trying out the app ZOOM to see if we can do a video class meeting possibly once a week.  This might be in smaller groups depending on when everyone is available to meet.  I will have more information about this in the coming week.
Questions and Concerns:
I know that this is going to be quite an adjustment for all of us.  Parents, I absolutely WANT to hear from you.  If you have any suggestions or questions, I want to encourage you to share them with me.  I know many of you are juggling work and lack of work, children of different ages, and other family related challenges at this time.  My goal is to continue to educate our kids, help to support you and our students' learning needs, and provide ways to make the home learning experience easier.  Please email me anytime at or contact me through  I will be available for immediate responses from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, but I will also be checking my email and School Status throughout the day, so don't hesitate to reach out with anything at all.