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UIL » What is Academic UIL?

What is Academic UIL?

What is UIL academics?

A+ Academics includes 20 different events for grades 2-8. These events span the curriculum and are designed to complement and expand upon what students learn in the classroom, both through learning specific subject knowledge, and through learning skills that are valuable in many disciplines. Approximately 3,000 Texas schools participate in A+ Academics, competing in more than 300 district meets each year.  Students who participate in UIL gain skills in teamwork, gaining speaking, writing and test taking skills and an overall sense of  healthy competition!

Why emphasize UIL academics?

Click the link below to find out the answer from a student's point of view.

Why UIL?

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When does Elementary Academic UIL take place?

Typically, students begin signing up to try out for competitions early in the fall semester.  Meets are usually held in January or later in the spring, depending on the schedule for the year.  


Further questions?  Feel free to contact your child's school and ask for the UIL Coordinator.